Who, How, why 

Truth is.

We are no different than any one of you. We are just further along in our fitness journey (and might have a little more fitness education lol). We are trainers who are passionate about helping educate and equip our clients so that you can too can live a healthier fitter life for the rest of your life. 

We find out our clients goals and equip you with health and fitness knowledge and a plan to attain those goals, while supporting that plan with accountability and motivation.  Our training isn't just crushing weights in your training or counting calories on your meal plan, its figuring out where you have failed before and how to overcome, that paired with great coaching and leadership as you work towards your fitness goals. By finding out who you are, your motivators and de-motivators, likes and dislikes, we can figure out what is hindering you from your fitness goals and work together towards a more successful path of fitness that you are able to keep in your busy lifestyle. 

We believe that everyone's fitness journey is unique, and your workouts should reflect that. Whether you are the lifelong athlete bored with your routine,  the busy career guy/gal who needs a quick effective workout and motivation,  or new to fitness and realizing you need to start leading a healthier life and want/need to look and feel better but have no  clue where to start----we can make an effective plan for each of your goals. 

And most importantly, We at InsideOutFitness believe that fitness isn't just about being physically fit. We believe it a constant battle of the mind/body/spirit to lead and maintain a fit lifestyle. What's going on on our inside, affects how we feel on the outside;  and how we look on the outside affects how we feel on the inside. It's a constant cycle and one cannot be whole and complete (for long) without the other. We strive to help our clients be their best mentally, so they are able to give their best physically. Look their best physically, so they feel their best both physically and mentally. And eat their best, so they can fuel their mind and body efficiently and fight off illness, fatigue, and disease. All the things combined are what we call living the "Iofitlife. "

Beauty on the outside is only as valuable as the beauty on the inside. A healthy and humble person is the kind I want help fill this world with.
— Jessica Muenster

Our Head Trainer and Motivator


Meet Jessica,

As she grew up and tried multiple different sports, she landed on track and running became her means to being active.  Shortly after moving to Atlanta in 2009, she won a fitness competition and began working closely with a personal training gym as a fitness model where she really developed her love for weights and the appreciation for the way a trainer could provide a more efficient and different workout. Being an athlete her whole life, she never thought training was for her, but after being on the receiving end, she realized the importance in having someone keep her accountable and motivate her through workouts. He workouts became more effective, and her routine more exciting than it used to be. And she loved the motivation and laughs she had when working out (even though self admittingly she says she was a horrible clients always yelling and combative with her trainer)

 In 2013 she sprained her MCL in a rafting accident and wasn't able to run for at least 6-months, in that time she wouldn't give up on cardio and shifted to indoor cycling for the first time and fell in love.  An opportunity to move into the fitness instruction world presented itself, and she continued her fitness journey as a spin instructor. She loved helping people get in better shape, but more than anything Jessica realized how much she loved motivating and providing positivity to her classes. So in 2015, she took it a step further and began building out her own bootcamps, and now as 2015 is winding down, she took a leap of faith in fall of 2015 when she left her full time job in technology to start InsideOutFitness and persue fitness full time. She sets out daily to be an inspiration and light in this world and help make peoples lives healthier by empowering and encouraging and "living the Iofitlife" herself.